Everyday life is busy and we can’t always do everything that we want to in addition to our family, work, or social commitments. Unfortunately, this can include keeping fit and accomplishing the personal goals which can be a part of any fitness regime.

Run4Buffalo creates virtual charity events which can be completed at any location and at a time that suits you, day or night! Maybe you are a busy parent who has no free time on the weekend. Perhaps you have an unpredictable work schedule which doesn’t allow for you to commit to a consistent fitness schedule. Or maybe you just love race bling! One of the major advantages of a virtual race is the flexibility which it offers. Run4Buffalo virtual races offer those who are passionate about staying active and keeping pace in a busy world the chance to run or walk on your own schedule. Not only can you complete your race anytime and anywhere, but our charity events are paired with important causes. So not only can you feel good about your athletic accomplishment, but you can feel good about giving back to a worthy cause. Collectively we are working to help others one mile at a time.

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